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Baseball Coupon

Time   Team 1 Team 2  
29th Sept 2016
18:05 Arizona Diamondbacks (R Ray) At Washington Nationals (J Ross)
    • In-Play Betting on this event
18:10 Cleveland Indians (R Merritt) At Detroit Tigers (D Norris)
    • In-Play Betting on this event Live on BT Sport 1
30th Sept 2016
00:05 Chicago Cubs (Zastryzny) At Pittsburgh Pirates (I Nova)
    • In-Play Betting on this event
00:05 Baltimore Orioles (U Jimenez) At Toronto Blue Jays (M Stroman)
    • In-Play Betting on this event
00:05 Boston Red Sox (H Owens) At New York Yankees (C Sabathia)
    • In-Play Betting on this event
00:10 Philadelphia Phillies (J Helicksn) At Atlanta Braves (Collmenter)
    • In-Play Betting on this event
00:15 Cincinnati Reds (D Straily) At St. Louis Cardinals (A Reyes)
    • In-Play Betting on this event
00:15 Minnesota Twins (K Gibson) At Kansas City Royals (D Duffy)
    • In-Play Betting on this event
01:10 Tampa Bay Rays (C Archer) At Chicago White Sox (J Quintana)
    • In-Play Betting on this event
02:10 Los Angeles Dodgers (J Urias) At San Diego Padres (C Friedrch)
    • In-Play Betting on this event
03:10 Oakland Athletics (K Graveman) At Seattle Mariners (A Miranda)
    • In-Play Betting on this event
03:15 Colorado Rockies (J Gray) At San Francisco Giants (J Cueto)
    • In-Play Betting on this event



Major League Baseball


Money Line Run Line
Tri-Bet Money Line / Total Runs Double
Run Line / Total Runs Double Tri-Bet 2
Tri-Bet 3 Away Total Runs
Home Total Runs 1st Half Alternate Run Lines
1st Half Money Line 1st Half Run Line
1st Half Total Runs 1st Half Winning Margin (5-Way)
1st Half Winning Margin (Exact) 1st Inning Correct Score
1st Inning Result 1st Inning Run Line
1st Inning Runs Odd/Even 2nd Inning Correct Score
2nd Inning Result 2nd Inning Run Line
2nd Inning Runs Odd/Even| 3 Innings Line
3 Innings Total Runs 3rd Inning Correct Score
3rd Inning Result 3rd Inning Run Line
3rd Inning Runs Odd/Even 4th Inning Correct Score
4th Inning Result 4th Inning Run Line
4th Inning Runs Odd/Even 5 Innings Line
5th Inning Correct Score 5th Inning Result
5th Inning Run Line 5th Inning Runs Odd/Even
6th Inning Correct Score 6th Inning Result
6th Inning Run Line 6th Inning Runs Odd/Even
7 Innings Line 7 Innings Total Runs
7th Inning Correct Score 7th Inning Result
7th Inning Run Line 7th Inning Runs Odd/Even
8th Inning Correct Score 8th Inning Result
8th Inning Run Line 8th Inning Runs Odd/Even
9th Inning Correct Score 9th Inning Result
9th Inning Run Line 9th Inning Runs Odd/Even
Alternate Run Lines Alternate Total Runs
Away Total Runs Odd/Even Double Result
Extra Innings? First Home Run Type
Grand Slam Home Run Highest Scoring Half
Highest Scoring Inning Home Run / Match Winner Double
Home Total Runs Odd/Even Inning of 1st Score
Inning of Last Score Lead after 2nd Inning
Lead after 3rd Inning Lead after 4th Inning
Lead after 5th Inning Lead after 6th Inning
Lead after 7th Inning Over/Under 0.5 Runs 1st Innings
Over/Under 0.5 Runs 2nd Innings Over/Under 0.5 Runs 3rd Innings
Over/Under 0.5 Runs 4th Innings Over/Under 0.5 Runs 5th Innings
Over/Under 0.5 Runs 6th Innings Over/Under 0.5 Runs 7th Innings
Over/Under 0.5 Runs 8th Innings Over/Under 0.5 Runs 9th Innings
Race to 2 Runs Race to 3 Runs
Race to 4 Runs Race to 5 Runs
Race to 6 Runs Race to 7 Runs
Result After 3rd Inning Result After 5th Inning
Result After 7th Inning Run Line (3-Way)
Score First / Win Game Double Team to Score First Wins Game
Team to Score First Team to Score Last Wins Games
Team to Score Last Team with Highest Scoring Inning
To Hit A Home Run To Win to Nil
Total Runs (Bands) Total Runs Odd/Even
Total Runs Winning Margin (4-Way)
Winning Margin (Bands) Winning Margin (Exact)
1st Innings Total Runs Over/Under 1.5 Runs 1st Innings
2nd Innings Total Runs Over/Under 1.5 Runs 2nd Innings
3rd Innings Total Runs Over/Under 1.5 Runs 3rd Innings
4th Innings Total Runs Over/Under 1.5 Runs 4th Innings
5th Innings Total Runs Over/Under 1.5 Runs 5th Innings
6th Innings Total Runs Over/Under 1.5 Runs 6th Innings
7th Innings Total Runs Over/Under 1.5 Runs 7th Innings
8th Innings Total Runs Over/Under 1.5 Runs 8th Innings
9th Innings Total Runs Over/Under 1.5 Runs 9th Innings
Correct Score 5 Innings Total Runs
World Series


Outright Betting  
American League


Outright Betting  
National League


Outright Betting  

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Baseball Betting


If you’re looking for Baseball betting, Paddy Power has got it covered. We offer all the Major League baseball markets you want including World Series betting.

Baseball Betting We offer outright betting on the American League and the National League and we price our World Series odds up well in advance. And, we offer dozens of markets on each Major League match. As well as match and handicap baseball betting, you can bet on the run totals and the highest scoring innings. We also offer innings by innings betting on all MLB fixtures. In addition, we offer live in-play baseball betting on many televised fixtures. So, you can bet on Major League baseball and profit as you are watching. So, whether you’re a Dodgers, Cubs, Red Sox or Yankees fan, you can find all the baseball betting markets you’ll ever need here at Paddy Power.

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