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Britain's Got Talent
Dance acts, dog acts, drag acts - it's all going on in 2014's Britain's Got Talent!
The Voice Of Ireland
The Voice Of Ireland is back, with Dolores O'Rioradan now sitting beside Bressie, Jamelia and Kian Egan.
Will UKIP see the success they have been hoping for at the European elections in May? Bet here
US Politics
Four more years in the White House for President Obama. Now we look to 2016!
UK Politics
The coalition has had its fair share of hiccups so far. Will the Lib Dems stick with it for the full term?
Irish Government
The Fine Gael-Labour coalition is steering the country through the term. Could Fianna Fail really make a come back at the next general election?
Next Irish President
Michael D seems to have settled into the Aras very well, but who will be looking to follow in his footsteps?
Scottish Politics
David Cameron and Alex Salmond have signed the 'Edinburgh Agreement', so now we await the 2014 independence referendum.
Next London Mayor
Boris Johnson prevailed in the 2012 election. Ken Livingstone has ruled out another bid, but will Boris be able to resist running again? Bet on London Mayor 2016 here.
Current Affairs
Pope Specials
HABEMAS PAPAM! It's all over, we have our 266th Pope. Francis I, formerly known as Cardinal Bergoglio, will reign from the Vatican for the forseeable. So... who's next?!
European Union
The Eurozone is in turmoil as banks collapse one after another. If Greece abandons the Euro, who will be next? Are the days of the Eurozone are numbered?
Could you stare at the same four walls for the rest of your life? I think not! Whether it be banged up in a poice van or him making a James Bond-style escape strapped to a jet pack, Assange is bound to leave eventually!
Who looks a good bet to be awarded one of the international Nobel prizes this year?
Legislation for the X Case continues to divide the Dail. What is the future of abortion in the Republic of Ireland?
The corporation has been troubled of late. Betting on future specials available here.
Who will look best in that big, posh, pointy hat?
TV Specials
X Factor
Sam Bailey stole the show and got the contract for 2013! Will it be a girl, boy, group or over next year?
Lottery Specials
Lottery Specials
What colour will the bonus ball be? Will it be an Odd or Even number? What colour will the first ball be? or first 6 balls? Will they be odd or even numbers? Will the highest/lowest ball be odd or even? You decide!
Todays Best Bets
The twenty-third Bond movie, Skyfall, blasted the box office and bagged a couple of Oscars! Bond 24 has a lot to live up to...
Novelty Bets
  Royal Specials  
Finally arrived, a little prince for Wills & Kate! What does the future hold for Baby Cambridge?
Betting on baby no 5!
  Eurovision Song Contest  
It was disappointment for Ryan Dolan in Malmo 2013. Can Ireland get off the the bottom of the table in Denmark in Eurovision 2014?
There seems to be no limit for how far Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall can go. With the recent film/documentary about the boys, how much bigger can they actually get?
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