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  Virtual Racing
  Paddy Park serves all the thrill and fun of the racetrack right to your home PC. But unlike at a real racecourse, at Paddy Park you can play for fun or with real money.  
  List of features

- All the excitement of the track

- Available to play 24x7, 7 days a week

- No waiting for races to starts

- Bet from 50c/50p upwards

- Combination bets available

- No special sign up required,
use you regular Paddy Power account.

  How to Play
There are six horses in every race and each horse has its own owner and trainer, with different jockeys riding the horses from race to race. All this information and more is readily available to you before you place your bets. It is with this information combined with the going that the odds for each horse are calculated. You must use your betting judgement and risk evaluation skills to place successful win only and forecast bets. The placing of these bets is a very straightforward process.

After submitting and confirming your bets, you are able to watch the race take place in your browser window, simulating all the thrill and exhilaration of the genuine race track experience.

For detailed help and assistance whilst playing the game, simply click upon the '?' icons wherever you see them. Guidance will appear whenever you hover over a specific area of the screen. There is also an animated tutorial available for forecast betting.

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