Spanish Lottery

Bets placed on Lottery games provided by are subject to the following rules:

1. The Spanish Lucky Numbers is based on the official La Primitiva draw.

2. balls are drawn from a total of 49; each numbered uniquely 1,2,3 through to 49. Paddy Power clients can bet on any 1,2,3 or 4 numbers drawn by the La Primitiva draw.

3. All Lottery bets are based on numbers drawn in La Primitiva main draw. We do not offer betting on the bonus ball.

4. The draw takes place every Thursday and Saturday evening. The draw takes place at 8pm and clients can bet up until 6.30pm.

5. If a lottery draw time is moved to another time within 12 hours of the advertised time of the draw, all bets on that draw will stand, unless the bets placed are late.

6. If a lottery moves a draw by more than 12-hours of the advertised time, all bets on that draw will be deemed void, and stakes returned.

7. All Spanish lucky number bets are settled based on the official draw of the La Primitiva draw.

8. The maximum payout to any one customer or group/syndicate of customers, including bets from the same source, is €50,000 or currency equivalent.

9. All lottery bets on a specific draw must be placed (and confirmed) before the first number is drawn. If, for any reason, any bets are placed after the time the first number is drawn, those bets will be void and the stakes returned, win or lose.

10. Should a lottery introduce a second draw to take place immediately following another draw, bets timed and dated for that draw will stand against the first full draw made.

The onus is on the client, syndicate/group of customers to ensure that he/she or they stay within these limits.

Paddy Power general betting rules will govern any situation not covered in the rules