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RP Ratings

Hot Jockeys

Jockeys with best wins-rides % and at least three wins in last 14 days on Flat & Jumps

Jockey Track Wins Rate
Harry Skelton Fontwell 5-12 42%
Ryan Moore Salisbury 14-34 41%
Manuel Fernandes Yarmouth 4-10 40%
Robert Tart Yarmouth 3-8 38%
Richard Johnson Fontwell 6-18 33%
R Walsh Tramore 6-18 33%
Edward Greatrex Salisbury,Chepstow 8-28 29%

Cold Jockeys

Jockeys with most losers since last win on Flat & Jumps. Days = Days Since Last Win. 'X' = jockey has never ridden a winner in GB or Ireland. 1st = first ride in GB

Jockey Track Days Rides
Miss A K Phelan Tramore X 2
Miss D McCurtin Tramore X 12
Miss A Fahey Tramore X 20
Miss A Cawley Beverley X 5
Miss B Johnson Beverley X 4
Didier Gengoul Salisbury X 1
Oscar Pereira Salisbury X 36

One-trick Jockeys

Jockeys (excluding amateurs, apprentices & conditonals) who only have one ride at a meeting today

Jockey Horse Time Track
Barry McHugh Cum Spiro Spero 14:10 Beverley
Sammy Jo Bell Sabellum 14:40 Beverley
Jack Garritty Siena Flyer 14:40 Beverley
Kevin Stott Dandy's Beano 14:40 Beverley
Jason Hart Northern Law 15:10 Beverley
Sam James Viceroy Mac 15:10 Beverley
Connor Beasley Sakhalin Star 15:40 Beverley
Paddy Aspell Astrophysics 16:10 Beverley
Trevor Whelan The Detainee 18:15 Chepstow
Robert Dunne Rif Raftou 13:30 Fontwell
Marc Goldstein Rob Robin 13:30 Fontwell
Conor Shoemark The Kvilleken 13:30 Fontwell
Nick Scholfield Mount Vesuvius 14:30 Fontwell
Paddy Brennan Rockchasebullett 15:00 Fontwell
Dave Crosse The Land Agent 15:30 Fontwell
Lee Edwards Ashford Island 15:30 Fontwell
Richie McLernon Onehelluvatouch 15:30 Fontwell
Jamie Moore Iballisticvin 15:30 Fontwell
Tom O'Brien Psychedelic Rock 15:30 Fontwell
Richard Johnson Bobble Emerald 16:30 Fontwell
Tom Scudamore Chic Theatre 16:30 Fontwell
Donnacha O'Brien Nelson 18:35 Leopardstown
Andrea Atzeni Morando 19:10 Leopardstown
Daniel Tudhope Custom Cut 19:10 Leopardstown
Leigh Roche Atlas 19:40 Leopardstown
Ronan Whelan Military Hill 19:40 Leopardstown
Oscar Pereira Lady Maldiva 13:50 Salisbury
George Downing Passing Star 14:50 Salisbury
David Probert Miss Osier 14:50 Salisbury
Frankie Dettori Hathal 16:20 Salisbury
Ryan Tate Flying Sakhee 16:50 Salisbury
B M Cash Rebel Turn 17:20 Tramore
Phillip Enright Fiddlers Bow 17:20 Tramore
Patrick Mangan Miss Bemo 18:20 Tramore
J J Burke The Last Marju 18:50 Tramore
David Mullins Lockeen Girl 19:50 Tramore
Pat Cosgrave Cracker Factory 16:55 Yarmouth
Jack Mitchell Jurz 16:55 Yarmouth
Daniel Muscutt Braemar 16:55 Yarmouth
Antonio Fresu Musical Comedy 19:30 Yarmouth
John Fahy Archie Stevens 20:00 Yarmouth
Royston Ffrench Men United 20:00 Yarmouth

Hot Trainers

Trainers with best wins-rides % and at least three wins in last 14 days, Flat & Jumps

Trainer Wins Rate
Donald McCain 6-14 43%
Daniel Kubler 3-7 43%
David Menuisier 3-8 38%
Chris Wall 5-15 33%
Gay Kelleway 3-9 33%
Ed Vaughan 3-9 33%
Stuart Kittow 3-10 30%

Cold Trainers

Trainers with most losers since last win on Flat/Jumps. Days=days since trainer's last win. X=trainer never trained a winner in GB, IRL, EU Group Race. 1st=trainer's 1st runner in GB

Trainer Days Runs
P Corkery X 19
Gary Sanderson X 1
I Madden 815 134
Luke Comer 2064 120
John Joseph Murphy 202 109
Christine Dunnett 301 65
Thomas Cuthbert 1814 60

Seven-Day Winners

Trainer's wins-runs record with horses reappearing within 7days of a win, compared with next-time-out record for all winners

Horse Time Track Won At Trainer Wins/Runs % All %
Bigbadboy 17:40 Beverley Newcastle (A.W) Clive Mulhall 0-1 0% 3%
Relight My Fire 17:40 Beverley Musselburgh Tim Easterby 19-147 13% 9%
Mutineer 14:20 Salisbury Wolverhampton (A.W) Daniel Kubler 5-8 63% 9%
Flying Fantasy 18:30 Yarmouth Yarmouth Michael Appleby 24-186 13% 12%

Horses for Courses

Horses with at least three course wins (based on today's code, obstacles & surface), followed by their total course runs. Course/distance wins are shown in brackets

Horse Time Track Distance Wins Wins
Medburn Cutler 18:45 Chepstow () 4-8
Relight My Fire 17:40 Beverley () 4-30
Bond Bombshell 16:10 Beverley (3) 3-8
Custom Cut 19:10 Leopardstown (3) 3-8
Lean On Pete 15:40 Beverley (2) 3-9
Tyrsal 17:30 Yarmouth () 3-11
Swendab 19:15 Chepstow (2) 3-16
I'm Super Too 17:40 Beverley (1) 3-21

Trainer Trace

Horses having their first run for a new trainer

Horse Trainer Previous Trainer Time Track
Whigwham Gary Sanderson Richard Fahey 16:10 Beverley
Zone In David C Griffiths Roger Fell 17:10 Beverley
Poet's Charm Martin Hill Simon Crisford 17:45 Chepstow
Rockalater John Spearing Sylvester Kirk 19:15 Chepstow
Houseparty Nick Gifford Diana Grissell 14:00 Fontwell
Velvet Cognac Lawney Hill Warren Greatrex 16:00 Fontwell
Baratineur Richard Hawker Nicky Henderson 16:30 Fontwell
Piccadilly Jim Damian Joseph English James McAuley 18:05 Leopardstown
Bay Of St Malo Luke Comer Richard Hannon 19:40 Leopardstown
Kassandra Amy Murphy Richard Hannon 14:20 Salisbury
Vixen Eve Johnson Houghton Geoffrey Deacon 16:50 Salisbury
Pow Wow Martyn Meade Roger Charlton 17:25 Salisbury
Athdara Steeler James M Barcoe W J O'Doherty 19:50 Tramore
Full Batten Gordon Elliott Edmond Kent 19:50 Tramore
Dylan's Centenary Phil McEntee David Simcock 19:00 Yarmouth
Cat Silver Charlie Wallis Roger Charlton 19:30 Yarmouth

Today's farthest travellers

Horses that have travelled the farthest distance to race in a meeting today. The trainer's win-runs record (strike rate) with horses travelling at least this far in GB is compared to their overall strike rate since January 1st 1996

Horse Information Trainer Race Strike Rate Distance

Tuolumne Meadows

Tony Newcombe 17:30 Yarmouth 7-61 11% all 8%% 324 miles


Tony Newcombe 19:00 Yarmouth 7-61 11% all 8%% 324 miles


David O'Meara 16:20 Salisbury 1255-9773 13% all 13%% 245 miles

Simply Blessed

Peter Bowen 14:30 Fontwell 1010-7373 14% all 14%% 237 miles


Peter Bowen 15:00 Fontwell 1010-7373 14% all 14%% 237 miles

Get Home Now

Peter Bowen 16:30 Fontwell 1010-7373 14% all 14%% 237 miles

Project Bluebook

John Quinn 18:45 Chepstow 1109-9324 12% all 11%% 226 miles

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