About Paddy Power

There’s nothing like an About Us page for a bit of self-promotion, eh? Actually – if you’ve had to find this page because you’ve never heard about us before then those folks in marketing should be fired. Fired I say! Paddy Power was born in 1988 thanks to the merger of three Irish bookmakers and from day one the company decided to do things a little bit differently. We don’t just want you to bet with us – we want you to have a Moby Dick-sized whale of a time while you do it too. We’ve been serving up mischief and entertaining our customers since the very beginning – whether it’s taking bets on the next Pope or pretending to chop down the Amazon rainforest for the World Cup (You can view our best hits HERE). Plus, we genuinely believe in being fair to our customers. I mean, we were the pioneers of early payouts and justice refunds!

And without blowing our own trumpet, our oddball approach to betting has seen the company grow from 30 Irish shops all the way back in 1988 to 500 in the UK & Ireland today. But it’s not just the retail estate that’s grown. We figured out pretty quickly that this internet business wasn’t just for looking at dodgy stuff when your wife isn’t looking. At the turn of the millennium we decided to get ourselves a fancy new website and we haven’t looked back. Alongside the startling growth of www.paddypower.com, we’ve also launched poker, www.paddypowerpoker.com, casino www.paddypowercasino.com, live casino casino.paddypower.com/live, bingo bingo.paddypower.com/ and games www.paddypowergames.com channels. We were also in the driving seat when the smart phone revolution rolled around. In May 2010, we launched our iPhone App and for some time we were the only bookmaker in the world in the Apple App Store. There soon followed apps for the iPad and Android phones and since then mobile betting has become the biggest growth area for the company and a substantial contributor to overall stakes.

Fast forward to the present day and the company is bigger than ever. We merged with Betfair in 2016, and we merged with FanDuel in 2018. Today, Paddy Power is part of Flutter Entertainment plc, which is an international sports betting and gaming operator listed on both the London and Irish Stock Exchanges. Although we’ve grown to the betting behemoth we are today, we’ve not forgotten our roots – offering value for our customers while serving up a side of mischief.

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